2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Still Uncertain for US

News about the 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is spreading like a flood. However, the latest rumors are trying to dishearten the fans. From some sources, we can hear that Toyota is not going to develop a plug-in for the upcoming model. However, we found this a rubbish, because of the many reasons.

First of all, the Japanese company is developing a hybrid for a while. To stop the process, it would be a huge waste of money. And the carmaker wouldn’t be at the present place if they run a business like that. Then, changes are imminent for other trucks in the same segment. Ford F-150 is coming electrified, as well as a new Scrambler, as soon as it hits the dealerships. So, there won’t be cut in development. Even if Toyota Tacoma Hybrid doesn’t appear in 2019 season, it will be only a delay.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

Importance of the 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

The plug-in and all-electric vehicles are the future of the industry. Everything goes in this direction and the companies that try to get off the path will see their mistake very soon. Also, many leading countries in the world are bringing laws about greener industry. That is a direction of their policies, and since these are major markets in the world, 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will be part of modern trends.


As one of the leader in the compact truck segment, Toyota must follow modern trends and innovations in the auto industry. So far, they were one of the companies that set up standards. Now, with competition preparing plug-in trucks, it is obvious that 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is certain. We can’t say that the Japanese carmaker is a rival to Ford and its F-150 truck. No one is. But, legendary pickup is there because of the strong competition. Not only that Tacoma, but also Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are just waiting for it to slow down.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Drivetrain

Engineers in Toyota have a hard task to find the perfect solution for a powertrain for upcoming 2019 Tacoma Hybrid. The current lineup of engines could be useful as the base. But, combining conventional and electric motor is not so simple job. Also, besides gasoline/diesel mill, engineers will have to pick a suitable electric battery. But, the Japanese company is still quiet on this model. Also, they keep all the development info away from the audience. So, there is no neither official data nor trustful rumors about the drivetrain.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid engine

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Arrival

We expect first hybrid truck on streets during 2018. Ford is making its way with their plug-in pickup. Other companies will have to act quick before the US producer takes away all hybrid truck fans. So, end of 2018 is a deadline for 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid to debut, at least at some car show. However, production has to start in 2019 to be competitive in the market.


When we compare other hybrid vehicles from Toyota with their conventional siblings, we see that the plug-in models boost a price for around $3,000. Well, it could be the math for 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid. However, we will have to wait trusted sources to leave any kind of information about this truck.

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