2021 Ram Rebel TR Is The Lighter Version of the Hellcat TRX

Ram is going strong into the new season. We already wrote about the Raptor-killing Ram Rebel TRX (read the full review HERE). But, the latest report is saying the company is bringing another performance-oriented truck. Well, the Hellcat engine provides too much power for the most truckers. The 2021 Ram Rebel TR will be the lighter version with “only” 430 horsepower.

Still, this is slightly better than Chevrolet’s 6.2-liter unit making 420 hp. On the other hand, the 2021 Ram Rebel TR will provide much better handling and maneuverability. The sporty pickup with capabilities of the light-duty model and towing capacity that matches rivals’ outputs are challenge for every serious truck company. Well, we still want to see how FCA is going to pull it out.

2021 Ram Rebel TR release date

What Do We Know So Far About the TR Package?

The 2021 Ram Rebel TR is still a concept. Well, the entire TRX project doesn’t have a production version out on the streets. The closest we got is when the FCA debuted with the new Ram 1500 last year. Back then, the display on the standard truck was set to show time 7:07. It is not hard to guess what is it about. But, let’s talk about the TR version. It will definitely be the lighter variation. A 7.0-liter Banshee engine is the most usual drivetrain in rumors mill. But, details about this displacement are not available yet. The company is yet to deliver a new truck with an existing 6.2-liter Hellcat engine. But, when they find the proper configuration for this one, it will be easier to pair the 2021 Ram Rebel TR with Banshee engine.

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Can the 2021 Ram Rebel TR Rival Ford Raptor?

Surely. The estimations about the new Banshee engine are not precise. The naturally-aspirated V8 is probably the one that can make 430 hp. However, there is still a high possibility that 2021 Ram Rebel TR could install turbochargers to boost out the outputs. Currently, Ford Raptor is sitting at 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Still, the legendary truck could respond to all challenges sooner than anyone expects. Ford is also developing a 7.0-liter Petrol V8 unit, and it could be soon in production. One of the first models to get it is – F-150 Raptor. More efficient ride and higher numbers in all segments are certain, so the RT is definitely not going to get any piece of the market without response by Ford.

2021 Ram Rebel TR vs Chevy Silverado ZR2

The new project could be the FCA’s response to the latest spy photos. Experts believe that GM is testing a Silverado 1500 ZR2 model. According to rumors, this one could borrow the engine from the Camaro. In this case, the truck could count on at least 600 hp. Ram Rebel TR, with charged V8 engine, could deliver a similar output to match the power of its fierce rival. All in all, we can expect an exciting season in the off-road performance-oriented truck segment.

2021 Ram Rebel TR

When Will the 2021 Ram Rebel TR be Available?

Not so soon. The TRX variant is more likely to happen first. Well, we already had a few 707 Easter eggs. Rumors about the TR version are still fresh and the new model is not going to arrive before 2021. By that time, we will find out more about this variation. From this perspective, the TR is possible as the lighter version of the TRX. Without the Hellcat engine, the fans would be disappointed and they won’t accept the TR as the replacement or consolidation prize.

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