2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid vs Ford F-150 Hybrid

Chevy Silverado and its GMC twin, Sierra 1500, are not just going to sit and watch Ram and Ford developing its hybrid trucks. General Motors will respond. The new generation of its twins is out and now we are waiting for the next move. Well, the Duramax diesel doesn’t mean the company is after high-performance vehicles only. Rumors about the 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid are louder, and the full-size pickup will use the same platform as Chevy Silverado 1500 Hybrid. You can read the full review HERE.

There are still a lot of questions regarding both 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid. The major one is a petrol drivetrain that will serve as the base. Also, some modifications are required so these electric batteries can get some room. Usually, these motors are under the rear seats. But, with specific styling and body, could these be moved to the bed? Well, the GM is yet to unveil a bigger SUV with a hybrid drivetrain, so a partly-electric truck is still a far-fetched plan.

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid specs


Ram 1500 is already using a mild-hybrid system. The FCA engineers are pairing a V8 engine with a small battery to improve fuel economy. But, it doesn’t affect other specs of the full-size truck. The mileage gains 1 mpg on the open road. And that is all. On the other hand, Ford announced both hybrid and electric trucks for the future. The Blue Oval company wants to launch the EV before Tesla. But, before this happens, Ford will probably hybridize its legendary F-150. The plan is there, money for development is already injected. It is just a matter of time when F-150 hybrid is going to appear.

So, GM needs to act fast. Both its trucks will get the same drivetrain at the same time. But, the time is ticking away, and the company needs to start creating these units. There are no official hints about the process, or spy photos to unveil a secret. So, everything is still very questionable.

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid release date

Which Engine the 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid will Use?

The standard truck is currently using V6 and V8 engines. It is more likely that the 4.3-liter unit is getting a hybrid setup, rather than a huge 5.3 or 6.2 drivetrain. Everything will be easier for the smaller mill. We know that similar configuration will be available soon for some SUVs. However, the Chevy Traverse is going to combine a 3.6-liter V6 with batteries (also the GMC Acadia). But, we wouldn’t be surprised if General Motors brings a unique combination of a V8 engine and an electric motor.

How it Will Affect the Price?

The cost of development is a key factor. GM can start it this day, but the price of the research will be shown on the final price sticker. An expensive truck couldn’t return it with power and performance. So, the company is figuring out the solution to develop a hybrid drivetrain that doesn’t cost much more, but the truck gains some advantages. Well, both Ford and FCA are doing the same. The race started. What do you think – who is going to win and be the first to launch the hybrid truck?

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid

When 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid Could be Available?

While we can hear rumors about Ford F-150 Hybrid and Ram 1500 developing a serious system next season, Sierra 1500 rumors are announcing the pickup for 2021 season. Well, it is not bad as well. Of course, if these speculations come true. However, we would like to see some SUV with the hybrid drivetrain in 2020 so we can know the GM is heading to this direction already. The 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid will be a cherry on the cake.

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