2022 Ford Super Chief Latest News

Super Chief is the concept based on the F-250 pickup truck. However, the latest rumors are indicating the US truckmaker could turn it to the F-350 model, or even F-150. Well, the concept is quite old and the most interesting idea is its tri-fuel system. Even after 15 years, this is still a far-fetched project. But, the rumors about the 2022 Ford Super Chief are back again and some fans still expect it to debut soon.

Since the latest stories are mentioning the F-150 pickup, some experts think the 2022 Ford Super Chief is going to be its electric version. The EV pickup is the future and it might be out next year. The Super Chief idea is praised and we will have to wait to see if it is going to happen.

2022 Ford Super Chief interior


Ford made a stunning debut with a revolutionary concept. The Super Chief was a truck platform that was about to use a tri-fuel system. But, compared to the Niyato Industries pickup that used gas, LPG and CNG, the engineers in the Blue Oval company are testing petrol, ethanol, and hydrogen. It is still advanced technology that no other production vehicle is using. Even after so many years, the carmaker still didn’t solve all the issues and found an appropriate solution.

Not only the engine, but also the styling is eye-catching. Big and bold, the 2022 Ford Super Chief is only inspired by the F-250 model. However, the new truck will use bolder details up front. Again, advanced technology is used and the debut showed us something we didn’t expect to see in production. The cockpit features modern minimalistic design and futuristic accessories.

2022 Ford Super Chief concept

Under the Hood

The 2022 Ford Super Chief was about to deliver 550 horsepower. But, the intentions are probably changed and we’ll see what is going to turn out of this. A V10 petrol unit is not an option anymore. Instead, a smaller powerplant might take the position under the hood. Depending on needs, we could see a new 7.3-liter V8 or even some six-cylinder plant. In both cases, the Super Chief is going to bring high outputs and some kind of support. Hydrogen cells and ethanol were the original ideas. Now, the truck might be a plug-in hybrid, or even the all-electric model.

2022 Ford Super Chief release date

When Will 2022 Ford Super Chief be Available?

If all those systems are going to be there for the 2022 Ford Super Chief, do not expect the MSRP to start below $100,000 and you can add up to $50,000 in options, such as tonneau covers, bedliners, etc… We will know more by the end of 2021. The Super Duty segment is fresh and now fans expect further upgrades. The Super Chief is a good idea, especially knowing there won’t be any competition. No other company presented a similar concept. Well, Tesla Cybertruck is something the most advanced in this segment. The Super Chief will be a true competitor with the level of advanced system it is about to use.

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