2022 Land Rover Pickup, Defender-Based Truck

It is not official, but bosses hinted the British company is working on the pickup truck. The new Defender is an excellent base for this model and the high demand could make the JLR speed up the development. The 2022 Land Rover Pickup is a promising project. First of all, we know the capabilities of the Defender, one of the toughest SUVs in the world. Towing capacity, power, and luxury, all in one. That is how most people see the upcoming truck.

Even before the new Defender was launched, fans created illustrations of their ideas and a couple of them are quite interesting. Now, when the SUV is out, it is easier to predict what could happen. Well, the Defender is using the unibody architecture. If bosses want to see the 2022 Land Rover Pickup competitive, the body-on-frame platform is required. Only Honda builds Ridgeline with the unibody chassis and when you look at the sales charts, it is obvious why this is not a good idea. On the other hand, Range Rover full-size luxury SUV is sitting on the ladder frame.

2022 Land Rover pickup

2022 Land Rover Pickup Rumors

The truck is a good idea, and there is always ‘but’. JLR is producing vehicles well-known for their performance and capabilities. Expectations from the 2022 Land Rover Pickup are huge, just because of that. Well, Brits are famous for their bragging, and you could read the statement that Defender is the most capable SUV in the world. Well, fans of Japanese, US, and German carmakers will disagree. The truck will face tough competition and JLR’s luxury equipment is making no difference in this world. Capability and value are important. So, Jaguar-Land Rover needs to create an affordable unit compared to the existing offer. US truckers will pay for the ride, but not for the premium accessories, but the features that make towing easier.

2022 Land Rover pickup interior


Achieving good outputs and high towing capacity should not be a problem for the 2022 Land Rover Pickup. The company can provide a variety of units, including four-, six-, or eight-cylinder mills, petrol and diesel plants, with or without the help of electric batteries. A V6 is the most likely drivetrain to start with. Turbocharged, this one can deliver between 350 and 400 horsepower. A V8 is a high-end option with a lot of ponies. Eight cylinders can crack more than 500 hp. A four-pot is not so likely to be there unless you want it with electric batteries. The PHEV is pretty capable, delivering 400 horsepower and 470 lb-ft, saving a lot of fuel. Speaking of towing capacity, expect the truck at 7,000 pounds. A V8 can do more, but it still seems to be too big for the Land Rover truck.

2022 Land Rover pickup truck

2022 Land Rover Pickup Release Date and Price

Since the rumors are louder, the release date of the 2022 Land Rover Pickup is probably closer. Well, experts believe the company would already make it official if the model is about to enter production in foreseeable future. Most truckers expect the 2022 YM as the concept and a teaser, which will show bosses what the market feels about the idea.

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