2023 GMC Sierra Trucks Quick Walkthrough

The lineup of the 2023 GMC Sierra trucks is complete. You will find both full-size half-ton model, as well as heavy-duty versions. For now, light duty segment is not happening, although General Motors is producing Series 4 and 5 Chevy trucks. In the future, the Silverado 5500 could be renamed to the GMC Sierra TopKick.

GMC also offers a mid-size pickup, but under the Canyon nameplate. The 2023 GMC Sierra trucks lineup is going to cover all the segments of the big towing mules. Petrol and diesel units are available. Also, General Motors is developing the new technologies, which are available through top of the line versions – Denali and AT4. In the future, Sierra electric truck is possible, but after the company launches the new Hummer EUT.

2023 GMC Sierra Trucks

2023 GMC Sierra Trucks – Sierra 1500

The most popular vehicle, not only in this lineup, is the Sierra 1500 full-size pickup. The vehicle is available with a variety of petrol engines and a turbodiesel unit. Under the hood of the upcoming model you won’t find a V6 engine, like for the Chevy Silverado. Instead, the offer starts with a turbo-four, and then you can also select one of the V8s. Plus, a diesel unit is a popular alternative. Buyers can also select a different cab and bed configurations, rear- or four-wheel drive, and trim levels are among the best in the class. The SLT is an upscale mid-range package. The best performance is available with an off-road AT4, while the most equipped version is Denali.

2023 GMC Sierra Trucks interior

Heavy-Duty Models

The most profitable class in the industry is HD. Series 2 and 3 models are part of the 2023 GMC Sierra trucks lineup. Both versions will share the same drivetrains and options. A petrol displacement is a new 6.0-liter unit. Still, the best you get with an oil burner. It is a 6.7-liter Duramax V8 with 450 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque. The Sierra 3500 is available with a dual rear wheel setup, which maximizes the towing capacity. While its rivals are already above 1,000 lb-ft, the Series 3 trucks by General Motors are still the best haulers. Towing capacity of Sierra 3500 HD is 36,000 lbs. What’s missing is a special off-road version of the Sierra 2500. Ram has the Power Wagon and Ford offers Tremor. General Motors has AT4, but it is not a unique addon for the Series 2 pickup.

2023 GMC Sierra Trucks dually


Well, the size and equipment will increase the price of the 2023 GMC Sierra trucks. The base configuration is the Sierra 1500 with 2-door cabin and long bed. The price for this truck is $33,000. The MSRP can exceed $70,000 with all available options. A 6.2-liter V8 engine and Denali package are the main factors.

Moving to the HD class, the price starts around $37,000 and the Series 3 model adds $1,000. However, depending on the options, the MSRP goes up to $80,000 before any upgrades, or $85,000 if you load many features available for the Sierra 3500 HD truck.

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