2024 Ford Ranchero: Exploring the Potential

No, it is not a version of the Ranger truck. In a matter of fact, Ranchero was quite a popular pickup during its 22-year run. The time ate this model, since car-based trucks were no longer popular. Body-on-frame concepts overtook this market, and that was the end for many other similar vehicles. Still, there is a lot of old fans hoping that one days the 2024 Ford Ranchero could debut. From today’s perspective – no way this is going to happen.

On the bright side – never write off any old vehicle when it comes to the Blue Oval family. In past few years, we saw a lot of comebacks, not under the Ford nameplate, but all over the market. Still, there are no vehicles discontinued more than 40 years ago. Well, that might be a blessing in disguise for the 2024 Ford Ranchero.

2023 Ford ranchero

The Comebacks Are Quite Popular Nowadays

When the company announced that Bronco is returning, it was the biggest story of 2015. In next five years, we could find news and analysis as it was in the production. It caused moves by other companies, including GM and Toyota. But, let’s stick with the family and truck segment. After Bronco SUV, Ford brought back Ranger pickup. It was not discontinued totally, but the vehicle was unavailable for the US market. Jeep is another new-old face in the class. Gladiator is the Wrangler-based truck and the first such model after 30 years. The technology is moving forwards, and the old Hummer nameplate is surprisingly used for the truck. But, not any kind, but all-electric model.

Expansion of the Truck Segment

Here, we start another topic that make us believe in the 2024 Ford Ranchero comeback. Hummer is an electric truck, the first rival of the Tesla Cybertruck. The industry is evolving, and more of those EV trucks will be out soon. Well, Ford already introduced the F-150 Lighting. It will face an old archrival – Silverado EV.

Not only in that way, but the trucking segment is expanding in other ways. The Blue Oval company recently introduced the compact pickup called Maverick. We still don’t have feedbacks about its performance, but the mini-truck serves just to offer another option to buyers. More serious impact is expected from the Ranchero.

The problem is – Ford’s lineup is stacked. The company even offers the compact model that will rival only the Hyundai Santa Cruz. But, we didn’t have a strong belief for those. The return of the 2024 Ford Ranchero would show everyone that the truckmaker is ready for new challenges.

2023 Ford ranchero

2024 Ford Ranchero vs Competition

Ford will try to find the best option for the 2024 Ranchero. The new class means fewer rivals. On the other hand, it also means the interest is not so high. But, when Ford steps into the market, it immediately becomes more popular. That is exactly what Ranchero needs – a strong start. Nevertheless, we don’t get any signals from our sources that bosses even think about this nameplate. All we can do is wait and hope.

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