2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Spied: Here is When it Will Come Out

Not only that hybrid SUVs are coming, but Honda also plans to add that type of engine for its truck. The Ridgeline is already specific model. It is the only mid-size pickup with a unibody platform. That reflects on sales, and it seems the Japanese company is not competitive in this class. But, many buyers still take a specific car-like driving experience. Plus, the safety is better with the architecture the pickup is using. With the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid, the model will also add a better gas mileage.

Spy photos of the all-new truck are already available. The company is redesigning the Ridgeline, and hybrid engine will be also a part of the update. We are waiting to see if the pickup is going to add an electric support to the current V6 engine. It is one of the most reliable units in the market for years. However, a turbo-four engine might replace it for the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid setup.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid spied

Specs and Towing Capacity

There are rumors about the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid based on a V6 engine and a four-cylinder powertrain. The truck is using a 3.5-liter unit ever since it appeared in the US, back in 2005. The six-pot plant had a few revisits and the latest configuration counts 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. It can also tow 5,000 pounds. That is significantly less than the competition with the ladder frame. The leader in the segment was Chevy Colorado with a diesel engine with 7,700 pounds. New configurations, including upcoming Toyota Tacoma I Force hybrid, will tow more than 8,000 lbs.

Don’t expect from the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid to make the pickup competitive in this area. The new configuration is going to improve the gas mileage, but the truck needs to keep the towing capacity as well. Even with better mpg rating, the Ridgeline can’t go at compact pickups, especially Ford Maverick. It is smaller and more efficient, making it also agile to drive in urban areas.

One of the drivetrains coming to our mind is a hybrid system from Acura MDX. This is a premium brand in Honda’s family and the SUV used to deploy a hybrid setup. The base source of power was a 3.0-liter petrol mill and the total output was 320 hp. Was – even Acura is not using it anymore. So, we assume that company tasked engineers to make a new, more efficient system. Or maybe systems. For a long time we can find rumors about the Pilot Hybrid. Even some spy photos can testify that Honda tested the prototype. But, it never happened. Yet.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid interior

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid vs Other Hybrid Trucks

For a long time companies didn’t enter this segment. But now, there are already a few hybrid pickups available. The Ridgeline can be compared to small trucks, since they are using a unibody platform. Ford Maverick makes the difference in the compact segment with a 2.5-liter engine, 190 hp, and 42/33 mpg rating. Unfortunately, towing capacity is not so impressive with 2,000 lbs.

In the mid-size class, we are waiting for the next season and the Toyota Tacoma with the I Force system. According to announcements, this setup combines a 2.4-liter turbo-four engine with an electric battery for 325 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. Towing capacity is undisclosed, but the system will offer at least 8,000 pounds. Jeep Gladiator 4xe is a PHEV configuration. A mighty system hauls up to 6,500 lbs thanks to 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. The plugin hybrid also offers electric range of 21 mile.

Even half-ton trucks are now available with hybrid setups. Toyota Tundra is also using the I Force Max, but based around a 3.4-liter turbo V6. This model can compete with Ford’s 3.5-liter mill on the Platinum trim. There, it cracks 430 hp and 580 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, buyers still like the Raptor configuration more. Without hybrid support, it makes 450 hp and 510 lb-ft.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid release date

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Release Date and Price

Test mules are being already tested, but we still don’t know if the company is using hybrid drivetrains on those trucks. If Honda wants to stay competitive, not only in truck segment, a hybrid system on big rigs has no alternative. The Japanese carmaker already made an immediate impact in the compact crossover class with the CR-V making more than 40 mpg. The truck won’t make it there, but 35 mpg is not impossible. Toyota did it with Highlander SUV, and Honda could follow the steps for Pilot and Ridgeline, since both vehicles are using the same platform.

The 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will cost more than the current vehicle, even if it comes with a smaller petrol unit. The Sport package is priced under $40,000 and all other versions are somewhere between that mark and $50,000. Hybrid will be available for higher trims, probably Touring and Elite. Trailsport is another new grade that should become part of the truck’s lineup.

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