2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

Toyota is always surprising us with new projects. While everyone is expecting a new Tacoma with electric powertrain, another announcement is coming from abroad. The 2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell looks promising and futuristic. There are no doubts that clean sources of power will overtake the market, but it is still early for such a technology. The Hilux Fuel Cell could have a debut this or next year, but the production won’t start before 2025.

What we know about the new project? It is official at the first place. So, those are not rumors. Toyota also attached a few photos of the concept pickup. It doesn’t look unrealistic, but the more important is what it hides under the hood. Hydrogen Fuel Cell is advanced technology. We can expect clean power and pretty high price for the first edition. Anyway, we can’t wait for it to happen. After the 2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell, there will be many other vehicles with similar drivetrains, not only by the Japanese manufacturer.

2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Basically, the 2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell will work very similar to any other electric vehicle, including Tacoma. But, the fuel cells convert the hydrogen to electric power, and that is the biggest difference between two systems. You are getting a quiet and clean powertrain, which is the main goal. On the other hand, EVs still can’t tow as much as classic drivetrain configurations with internal combustion engines. Soon, new vehicles will match outputs of gasoline setups. Diesel plants are almost discontinued, so the future lays in such projects and technology.

2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Next-Gen Trucks

Well, we expected the new generation of HiLux and Tacoma, two twin trucks, one available in the US, and other in the rest of the world. These pickups are not sharing only the platform, some engines and the future, but also the #1 spot in sales in their regions. Reliability, durability and innovations are the main reason why truckers buy them so much. And one of the examples of the innovative thinking of company’s bosses is the 2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

Fans expected a redesign and a fresh look, more packages and equipment. But the Japanese truckmaker looks for a long-term solution. Innovations are evolving soon, and with the hydrogen fuel cell, Toyota will be in the pole position in this realm.

new 2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell


When talking about trucks, everything comes down to the performance and towing capacity. The pickup became a legendary model because of its durability. So, the 2024 Toyota HiLux Hydrogen Fuel Cell has big shoes to fill and continue the legacy. The company just made this project official, without unveiling details. So, numbers will be available next year, when the company presents the first prototype. Of course, the specs sheet of such vehicle doesn’t mean the production version will carry over the same outputs. The main goal is to make the Hilux Fuel Cell capable of towing. The current truck can do more than 7,000 pounds, more than Tacoma in the US. An upgrade would be nice, but truckers will be happy with a similar level of hauling potential.

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