2024 Toyota Stout Pickup Truck Review

Not only Toyota, but all other companies are searching a way to reach more buyers. Electric trucks are one of the options for this class and the biggest manufacturers are already working on that. But, the 2024 Toyota Stout should be something different. The comeback of the old nameplate is just one of the options for the compact pickup segment. Yes, it is one of the new things you can find in the news. Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz are currently the only such models at dealerships. So, Toyota wants to enter the game on time, while there is no too much of the competition.

Anyway, this is just a speculation. First of all, we don’t know too much about the 2024 Toyota Stout. We don’t even know if the company is bringing back the nameplate. Only after the official announcement, fans can get clues of what the Stout will be. Well, taking a look at other options, this seems like a logical choice. The Japanese company is a leader in the automotive industry and covers all the segments – cars, trucks, SUVs… There are no too many vacant slots in the lineup. With the raise of compact pickups, we see the chance for the Toyota to add a new model to the family tree.

2024 Toyota Stout electric

Why Stout?

It is not too famous in the US, but the Stout truck was in production for 45 years. That is not a short history. However, after nearly half of the century, the company discontinued the pickup in 2000. Slow sales and refreshing the lineup were the main reason. Now, Toyota dominates the trucking world with Tacoma and Tundra in the US, and HiLux in the rest of the world. It is a perfect chance to bring a legendary nameplate back and it wouldn’t be the first time the manufacturer is doing that. Most recent returns are Corolla and Venza. Using old models is quite cool and Toyota just follows the modern trends.

2024 Toyota Stout

2024 Toyota Stout – a Small Pickup

This is a new emerging market for truckmakers. Ford started the new chapter in this segment by launching the Maverick. Experts were not sure about this move, considering it risky. But, the Blue Oval company proved its worth once again. The innovative move turned out to be great. Then, the Hyundai Santa Cruz joined this world. We were waiting for a while and fans don’t believe this was the initial plan. But, the first Korean truck settles in the compact class.

We assume other manufacturers will rush to build small trucks very soon. Those vehicles can use unibody platforms of crossovers. We already can hear about Chevy S-10 and Ram 700. There are no doubts that Toyota enters the game, and Stout is one of the nameplates the Japanese company could use.

2024 Toyota Stout concept

2024 Toyota Stout – en Electric Truck

Well, this is always an option. Many companies are electrifying many vehicles. It is not a secret that Toyota is preparing an electric truck. Some say that will be Tacoma. Now, the 2024 Toyota Stout is another option. Nevertheless, we assume it will be better to use a proven nameplate, rather than to resurrect an old one.


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