2025 Ford Bronco Truck to Replace Ranger

Fans are wondering why the 2025 Ford Bronco truck is not out yet. The pickup would see the competition in the Jeep Gladiator. Also, this would be Ford’s competitor in the mid-size off-road segment. Basically, all the company has to do is turn the SUV into a truck. The only problem is the existing model in this class – Ranger. It wouldn’t be the first time that the company makes two similar models. GM is building Chevy and GMC trucks that are mechanical twins. Plus they share a lot of other things, such as platform and advanced innovations (MultiPro tailgate, Super Cruise system).

The 2025 Ford Bronco truck has a lot of potential. If it takes solutions from the SUV, there is no fear the pickup will succeed. But, that was not the case with the Ranger. Everybody expected a lot from its comeback. The vehicle was supposed to take on the best models in the class, Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado. In the past few years, Ranger didn’t become a competitor. Maybe the Bronco pickup truck can turn things around.

2025 Ford Bronco Truck release date

2025 Ford Bronco Truck Specs

The main powertrain of the 2025 Ford Bronco truck will be a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It became one of the most reliable units in the family and Ford is using it on the most popular models. The Bronco SUV can deliver 300 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque when using premium fuel. Otherwise, the maximum outputs are 275 hp and 315 lb-ft, which is still an excellent result for the midsize pickup class. Engineers might revisit the engine for the Bronco truck and squeeze some extra ponies. Unfortunately, the gas mileage is not so great.

An alternative is a V6. Ford is using a small displacement. For the SUV, that is a 2.7-liter turbo mill. Again, there are differences in power outputs, depending on the fuel you take. With premium gas, the 2025 Ford Bronco truck V6 might get 330 hp and 415 lb-ft, or 15 hp and 5 lb-ft less when standard fuel is in the tank. A 10-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear or all wheels.

The main question is the towing capacity. The truck needs at least 7,000 pounds to be competitive. Rivals are raising the bar and there are midsize pickups that can haul more than 8,000 lbs. Chevy Colorado diesel was a leader for a long time with 7,700 pounds.

2025 Ford Bronco Truck

2025 Ford Bronco Raptor Truck

Like the SUV, the pickup truck will also get the Raptor edition. Fans were waiting for the Ranger to give them an off-road specialist. But, it never happened in the USA. Meanwhile, Australian and European buyers could purchase the Ranger Raptor with a diesel unit.

The 2025 Bronco Raptor truck would be powered by a twin-turbo version of a 3.0-liter V6 engine. Maximum power is 418 hp and torque reaches 440 lb-ft. The gas mileage is not great, but the pickup can haul a lot. Also, tough road and weather conditions are not a problem for a truck with these outputs.

Furthermore, the Raptor comes with drive modes. The truck is going to offer even more options. Body and interior upgrades will complete the package. Skid plates, tonneau covers, bedliners, tow hooks, all-terrain tires, and a lot of Raptor badges will make the styling even more aggressive.

Other Packages

One of the big downsides of the Ranger is the lack of trim level options. The Bronco is about to add the top of the line Raptor edition, but also a few more approachable grades. The SUV is using a unique lineup. There are no standard versions, such as Limited, King Ranch, Platinum, and XLT. Instead, a unique lineup wears badges Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Everglades and Heritage.

Raptor is the most expensive. After that, the model with the most advanced features is Heritage Limited. The two most popular grades belong to the mid-range offer – Outer Banks and Badlands, both in the range between $40,000-$45,000. The 2025 Ford Bronco truck is coming with different pricing and probably changes in the trim level lineup. It can’t be a complete carry-over.

Why the Bronco Pickup is Not Yet Available?

It’s been a few years since the company relaunched the legendary nameplate. Ever since fans are exploring if there will be a pickup truck version of the SUV. Ford gave no signals. With the sales of the Ranger still dropping, the rumors are becoming louder. It was another comeback with high expectations, but the truck didn’t fulfill them. So, the Blue Oval company could give a shot to the 2025 Ford Bronco truck.

There are further complications. For example, Maverick pickup is a new star in the lineup, and the F-150 needs constant attention and frequent upgrades to stay at the top of the market since Ford generates the most profit there. And then, you have electrification. The EV truck is the future and after the F-150 Lightning, the next one might be the Bronco electric pickup.

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