Is Nissan Discontinuing the Titan?

Titan is a rare half-ton truck that is not built by the US company. Yes, Nissan is running the production in Mississippi, but buyers trust more Ford, GM and Dodge Ram trucks. Even the Toyota Tundra doesn’t achieve great sales numbers. The Nissan Titan is the slowest-selling half-ton pickup. This info leads to the question – will the truck be available beyond 2024 season?

Sales are dropping in the past few years. In 2022, Nissan sold only 15,000 units. The peak was a long time ago, in the first seasons of the market, from 2005-2007. Even back then, the sales were not great. However, the recent numbers are more than disappointing.

Furthermore, we cannot find anything about the update. It would cost a lot and that increases the already high price of the truck. Nissan needs something to make a breakthrough. Bosses are not so keen on this move. We can love the truck, but all the indicators are pointing toward discontinuation.

Is Nissan Discontinuing the Titan?

What Will Replace Nissan Titan?

There are some sources and magazines reporting about the possible end of production. It seems unavoidable. But, the company is not giving up the profitable class just like that. A replacement is possible. Yet again, it requires a lot of work and investments. A redesign of the Titan truck costs less, so the new truck would be just a renamed model.

A few things can change the course of those rumors. Nissan could give Titan the last breath – a turbocharged V6 engine to replace a V8. It can fix the major issue – efficiency of a big unit. Still, that wouldn’t be enough, since then we will look at the towing capacity and performance. Also, styling needs an update after so many years.

Is Nissan Discontinuing the Titan?

Nissan Titan Warrior – Loved Truck That Never Happened

Fans hoped that the interesting concept can revive the chances for the Titan. Well, the Warrior model was built on a slightly larger Titan XD model. Still, many experts and enthusiasts saw it as a rival to Ford Raptor. It didn’t happen. Nevertheless, the Warrior remains one of the best truck ideas and we will still expect it, until the company officially confirms the end of production of the Nissan Titan.

Which Nissan Titan Years to Avoid?

With the discontinuation, there is still an option to get a used truck. Here are a few tips on which editions brought a lot of worries and problems to owners. In the first seasons, the company had issues with brakes, exhaust and drivetrain. Engineers fixed most of the problems and there were no big complaints after the 2009 edition.

In 2016, transmission and exhaust systems were causing trouble. It took three years to fix the gearbox, and in 2018 fuel system has shown signs of unreliability. Nissan fixed it in the last couple of seasons, but slow sales make Titan almost irrelevant in the market. Ford is selling 50 times more F-150 trucks.

Is Nissan Discontinuing the Titan?

Goodbye Nissan Titan

Whatever we mention doesn’t speak in Nissan Titan’s favor. It is more expensive than rivals. Yes, it uses a V8 engine, but it is not enough to cover extra investment. The styling is out of date. The redesign requires a lot of focus and there are safer bets for the company where they can earn more money. Also, Nissan lacks a hybrid system, a modern feature already available on leading trucks. Updating and upgrading the Titan would be too expensive and doesn’t guarantee success. That is why we believe the pickup will be around the market for a limited time. The discontinuation is not official, but we are just waiting for the Nissan to confirm rumors.


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