Best Midsize Truck For Towing – Nissan Frontier or Chevy Colorado

The decision is tough. It is not so simple to choose the best small pickup truck for towing. We can take the capacity as the measure, but many other factors must be included. Price is, for example, a key factor for most buyers. Also, agility, diesel options, transmissions, are some of the features fans are looking to. Finally, the best midsize truck for towing must have the good interior and infotainment.

So, now you realize why we have so many doubts. But, let’s analyze each segment to find out which is the best compact pickup for towing.

best small pickup truck for towing

Towing Capacity

The situation here is clear. There are no personal impressions and feelings since there is only one measure – towing capacity in pounds. All companies that produce small trucks will advertise their tow and haul capacity. Best in the class is the 2019 Chevy Colorado, with a potential to carry 7,700 pounds. If we look strictly at this number, then we have a winner. Compared to others, its closest sibling 2019 GMC Canyon is capable to do the same. However, the second one is more expensive. Well, that is our other criteria.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado

Nissan Frontier is Very Affordable

The only truck we can get for less than $20,000 is Nissan Frontier. Nevertheless, it is still reliable for towing. But, we won’t use the base model to achieve best results. For example, Chevy Colorado with 7,700 pounds of towing capacity will require diesel engine and special packages. That will make this truck cost significantly higher. For $19,000 we are getting 3,500 pounds. This is not the number we want to get for a top mid-size truck for towing. But, the Frontier can go up to 6,500 lbs with a V-6 engine.

The Newer the Better

There are no doubts when we take the freshness. The latest model on the US market is 2019 Ford Ranger. The return of the legendary truck is causing a lot of interest. Also, its sibling is the best half-ton pickup. But, besides these things, no other features will make the Ranger a best small pickup for towing. Well, there is one rumor that could make it a favorite – the possible arrival of Raptor model. The 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor will swipe the competition, that is for sure. With special drivetrain, it will offer the most capacity for towing. Also, a distinctive design will lure a lot of fans. Well, the downside is going to be the price. But overall, this is the main favorite to be the best truck for towing in the midsize class. Well, another bad thing is that the Raptor could exclusively come to Australia in 2019.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor


You will also need your truck to be economical as well. This is where we can find one name that is going to surprise many truckers. Honda Ridgeline showed the best results in 2018. With over 26 mpg from its V-6, the pickup is taking the top spot. However, the mileage is going to be the decisive detail if you are looking for a truck that can tow not more than 5,000 pounds. But, for the next season, the Japanese carmaker could appear with a brand new vehicle. It is 2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R that can spoil the party.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is NOT the Best Towing Truck in Midsize Class

Unfortunately, Toyota gave up from the diesel engine for its midsize truck. Well, not only that Tacoma is not seeing the new drivetrain, but also its bigger sibling Tundra for now. We expected to see both of these next seasons, but it seems like we will have to wait a bit. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel could be the best compact truck for hauling and towing next season, but this is another example where rumors didn’t come true.

2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

So, the Top Midsize Pickup Truck For Towing Is…

It seems like that towing capacity is the most important figure here. The Chevy Colorado will be the one that can tow the most. It is also not the most expensive truck in the class. To achieve 7,700 pounds of towing capacity, the pickup will have to equip a Duramax diesel powertrain. Other vehicles are not offering such drivetrain. The treat for next season came from Toyota, but Tacoma remains a petrol truck.

Well, the truck costs $15,000 more than the V-6 Frontier. But, besides the price, everything else is giving an advantage to Chevrolet Colorado. Also, the truck will return the investment with much better mileage. Compared to cheaper pickup, Colorado can offer 7 mpg better return on the highway. In combination with 1,000 pounds more capacity, it is clear why we choose this model over all others as the best midsize truck for towing.

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