Funstar is a New Skoda Pickup Concept

After we analyzed a possibility of a Skoda Pickup Truck, now we have a totally interesting concept. Young design students created Funstar – something that could be new subcompact Skoda Pickup Concept. Whatsoever, this design was very eye-catching that Czech carmaker presented it to the public. For now, bosses have no intention to develop it further and release a production model. But, in future, we will see.

The Funstar truck is a small vehicle. The two-door configuration makes it a coupe. The tiny bed is not going to be among the most capable. Under the hood, the Skoda pickup truck has also the compact engine. A 1.2-liter petrol unit is big enough for this interesting design. Some other powertrains were in the mix, but students decided to go with smaller displacement.

Skoda Pickup Concept

Skoda Pickup Concept Specs

As we said, the Funstar Skoda Pickup Concept will use a 1.2-liter engine which is capable to deliver 120 horsepower. This drivetrain has a setup that can create more power than for Fabia. Also, the torque will jump from 118 to 140 lb-ft. Nevertheless, at this point, the concept is not planned for production. But, on the other hand, Skoda plans a truck for a while. Young apprentices might help with fresh ideas and attractive design.

Skoda Pickup Concept Design

There is a lot of work to be done on the Skoda Pickup Concept. Funstar is a creation of 17 and 18 years old students. However, their imagination is unbelievable. The rendering we can see is very interesting. The Funstar truck is based on the Citijet concept presented earlier.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept engine


Students added sports seats and steering wheel to boost the comfort. Of course, a lot of attention is on infotainment system and features. Huge touchscreen display and voice commands help the better integration of smartphones.

Skoda Pickup Concept Exterior

The Skoda Pickup Concept will come with a green and silver paint job. These colors match those used on the company logo. From what we see, the headlights are very similar to Skoda Fabia. That is not the only similarity with the hatchback. Frame and B-pillars are also the same for the upcoming truck and Skoda’s flagship car.


We don’t have exact size and capacity of the bed, but from the first images, it seems not so big. Two door layout and short box promise this pickup will be sportier, rather than functional. Also, hood openings, exhaust tips, and underbody lighting are details for show off. So, the Funstar concept could only borrow some ideas when the Skoda Pickup becomes more realistic.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept bed

Skoda Pickup Concept is not Ready for Production Yet

According to the first information, the Funstar Skoda Pickup Concept is not going into production. Well, with some modifications, it could be a base for the future truck built by the Czech carmaker. Nevertheless, students could upgrade it and tune to be more functional, with a longer bed.

At this moment, such sporty truck has no future in the industry. Only its performance, styling, and price can draw attention. But, serious truckers will look up for the mule that can tow. Car lovers that prefer exotic cars will definitely pick a muscle car or a roadster.

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