Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Details and Release Date

Cooperation between Skoda and Volkswagen can have fruitful results. The German carmaker, as the parent company, will provide sources and support to Czech manufacturer. We are sure that VW Amarok will be the base for the upcoming vehicle. Nevertheless, Skoda Pickup Truck Concept is alive, and soon we can see a production model on streets.

Skoda recently launched a new lineup of crossovers, where they can find more ideas for their truck. But, this is a totally new step for the carmaker, since they had Yeti before Kodiaq in SUV segment. Whatsoever, chiefs are planning a raid on the South American marker with series of light-duty trucks. So, they will have to develop a platform as the base for all of them, since existing concepts are not for pickups.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Drivetrain

It is obvious that many things will be similar between Skoda truck and VW Amarok. Since the German carmaker is planning to add a diesel engine for its ute, V-6 could be carried-over to Skoda Pickup Truck Concept. Nevertheless, 4-cylinder drivetrain could be more useful to the new vehicle.

Petrol and Diesel Engines

Skoda could use a new Kodiaq crossover for some details, and also for drivetrain solution. The SUV rides on the 1.4-l 4-cylinder unit, which is much better option for a light-duty truck. Besides this, engineers can decide to plant a 2.0-l diesel into their truck. However, the smaller engine is very economical, especially when the vehicle is not loaded. Active cylinder technology is shutting down cylinders in these cases to save fuel.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Vehicle

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Design and Appearance

Designers of the first pickup from Skoda will have a great help in creating a concept. The vehicle is based on two other existing models, so similarities are certain. However, it is not so easy just to mix Kodiaq crossover and Volkswagen Amarok truck. The subtle approach is a must. Front fascia will definitely look like the SUV. On the other hand, bed and side will be more Amarok-like.

Interior and Cab Configuration

Unfortunately, VW is not offering their vehicle in single-cab configuration. So, it is not likely that Skoda Pickup Truck Concept will be different. Nevertheless, radical turn could adapt this model to new trends and offer the extra option.

Single Cab and Comfort

Interior of all Skoda vehicles is praised for its simplicity and comfort. Lacking some extra features is not a problem since driver and passengers will have all they need. Also, safety is at very high level. We still don’t know exact plans of two companies, but surely short cabin design is among options. The carmaker will try to make the first edition of the pickup as versatile as its possible.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept extended

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Release Date

Skoda is not planning the appearance in North America. The Skoda Pickup Truck Concept will rather adapt its ideas to European and South American buyers. So, we can expect it to appear first in Brazil and Argentina. Nevertheless, a tough competition is waiting. New Renault Alaskan and Isuzu D-Max are top picks in these areas, so Skoda doesn’t have an easy task ahead of the launch of its first pickup. Production of the conceptual vehicle will start probably in 2019.

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