Ram 1500 Could Get Plug-in Diesel Engine

Conventional engines are not so dominant over hybrid drivetrains and electric batteries. Many companies are developing new systems, to make their plug-in versions affordable and potent as petrol and diesel units. Well, diesel vehicles are facing a crisis thanks to the scandal caused by VW. Ever since it happened the sales are decreasing. It makes many manufacturers think about the future of their products. One of these is Ram 1500 pickup truck, which could get a new version of a recently introduced diesel powertrain.

Does the FCA plan to install bigger displacement and gain more power? Or, on the other hand, a smaller unit can bring better fuel economy and reduce emissions? How about both – power and mileage boost? If you think it is impossible, think twice. The Ram 1500 Plug-In diesel truck seems to be a far-fetched story, but the company is seriously considering it.

2019 Ram 1500

Stats Don’t Lie – Diesel Vehicles in Trouble

In 2015, VW was accused by the United States Environmental Protection Agency that they violated Clean Air Act. As a result, a big drop in sales hit not just Volkswagen’s cars, but also all other vehicles using diesel engines. In Europe, these kinds of drivetrains held more than 50 percent of sales. Recently, the percentage fell for almost 10 percent. Furthermore, many countries are preparing special emission policies, and it will be another major hit for diesel engines. Experts believe that strict regulations will raise the cost of production by about 20 percent.

On the other hand, the FCA had no such problems. In the matter of fact, in 2017 their sales of diesel units jumped. It makes the owners not thinking about replacements, but further development. That is why the idea of Ram 1500 Plug-In diesel was born.


Ram 1500 Plug-In Diesel The First of a Kind

Diesel engines are fighting with emissions. The entire industry is going greener and such powertrains must follow the trend. It is not easy since the development is too expensive. Further, it raises the cost of the vehicles, which is killing one advantage of this kind of engines.

On the other hand, hybrid cars are more environmental-friendly, not only compared to diesel, but also petrol units. Combining these two power sources could start a new chapter in the automotive history.

The Ram 1500 Plug-in Hybrid would be the first ever truck with suck system. It could be the real pioneer in this segment. Volvo has its V60 D5 wagon combining diesel engine and electric battery. But, have you ever heard of it? On the other hand, Ram 1500 is one of the most popular vehicles on the US soil. So, having this model with a new drive system will make a good ad and the strong impact.


Release Date and Price

The arrival of the Ram 1500 plug-in diesel is not happening anytime soon. This is just an idea. But, the serious company can’t play with their fans and customers. The FCA is going to launch a four-year plan in June, and then we will see exactly which vehicles are having a future.

The cost of development and production is one of the main worries. Having such powertrain is great, but how much it can cost? So far no one wants to make estimations, but this kind of the truck could easily cost over the most luxurious Limited Edition models.

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