BMW Pickup Truck is the Next Aussie Ute

BMW Australia is pushing its parent company to speed up a development of a pickup truck. This idea is existing for a while. Other German carmakers, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are in an advantage over BMW. Soon, we could see the first models rolling from 3-pointed star carmaker. The X-Class would be a real hit for BMW pickup truck project.

The concept for the new BMW Pickup Truck is not unveiled yet. However, we believe it will find foundation in one of the existing vehicles from the company. Although the big X5 SUV is the most likely to see the conversion to the BMW Pickup Truck, other platforms could be used as well. Rumors are mentioning M3 and M5 cars as possible bases for a ute.

BMW Pickup Truck

New BMW Pickup Truck Concept

One of the latest BMW commercials gave us the hope for this project. The star of the ad was E30 car, converted into a pickup. Well, this kind of show-off is happening on a regular basis when we speak of German carmaker. But, at this time, when Australian department is pushing for the truck, it could be taken more seriously.

Whatsoever, the E30 car was in production for a short period of time in the first half of 1990’s. It is hard to believe that the new BMW Pickup Truck will bring old-school front fascia, no matter of its attractiveness. The German carmaker is going to install modern details and kidney grille similar to its other models. A throwback in the commercial could be just the announcement of the pickup truck.

BMW Pickup Truck E30

Diesel Engine as the Base Unit for BMW Pickup Truck

Next question is – what kind of a drivetrain BMW Pickup Truck could use? We already wrote about it, but things are changing with an info that Australia could be the first country to see it. That raises the chances of a diesel engine as the primary option.


Having this in mind, we can take two favorites. These are 28d and 35d TwinTurbo mills, capable to deliver 180 hp and 255 hp. Even the less powerful engine is good enough to compete in Australia. For example, Holden Colorado ute can deliver 197 hp and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft) of torque. On the other hand, 35d is the more serious engine. It raises both horsepower and torque rating. Twisting power raises to 415 lb-ft (560 Nm).

BMW Pickup Truck front

BMW Pickup Truck Release Date

The BMW Pickup Truck is still an unofficial rumor. However, there is no smoke without fire. The German carmaker is definitely preparing something, but it is far away from the public. So, the release date of the BMW truck can’t be predicted. But, we are sure that the company will do it loud as soon as they prepare the first show-off versions for big displays.


BMW is definitely planning to step into the new market. Truck segment is the most profitable in the US. On the other hand, big interest from Australia can be the blessing in disguise for the company. Smaller, but still attractive market could be used as the training ground before they head to the major league. The BMW Pickup Truck ute can definitely show if the carmaker is capable to compete in this segment.

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